Our Past Projects

SB Plastering Coventry has been in the plastering industry for nearly 10 years and in that time, we have completed many jobs. However, we have not taken as many photos. So over the coming months we will be adding current jobs and photos to the site. Below you will see a few of the photos we have taken.

SB Plastering Coventry


SB Plastering Coventry


SB Plastering Coventry - Coventry Plastering

SB Plastering Coventry at work

SB Plastering Coventry - Coventry Plasterer

Plaster boarding a stair case the pink boards are firecheck boards which provides an  hours fire rating

Finished Kitchen

A lovely kitchen skimmed

SB Plastering - Coventry Plasterer

Yes, that’s me skimming

Coventry Plastering

Making a feature by exposing some stone work

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